Giftinity Philippines Soft Launch Happens as Scheduled This September 15

Cebu City, Philippines – September 15, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic may have hit everyone hard, but Giftinity Philippines, the newest e-commerce website on the block, thinks that this is just as good a time as any to conduct a soft launch and initially test the waters, so to speak.

Giftinity Philippines is an online marketplace catering to a diverse range of interests. Anything and everything is available on the Giftinity Philippines website – from babywear, toys and accessories to cosmetics, electronic devices, home appliances, men’s and women’s fashion, teen wear to groceries, household items, pet care and so on.

According to Giftinity Inc. CEO, Gerard Panganiban, the soft launch is meant to test the functionality of the e-commerce website, get an indication of the market reception, help fine-tune all elements of the website and pinpoint areas for improvement.

When asked about the timing of the launch, Panganiban says, “We believe that this is the right time to launch Giftinity Philippines – when a lot of people are opting to do their shopping online, in the safety and comfort of their homes. In fact, the global online shopping trend is set to grow and global e-retail sales are projected to reach as much as $4.8 trillion by 2021.”

Giftinity Philippines promises to not only make shopping easy and convenient for all Filipinos, but also to offer quality products at affordable prices.

Sellers who will register at Giftinity Philippines will also benefit from being part of a new platform at its pioneering stage. This means there’s plenty of room to grow and reap the benefits of being among the first merchants on the platform.

With 500 products and a significant number of sellers to date, Giftinity Philippines is set to make its presence felt in the local e-commerce scene.


About Giftinity Philippines:

Giftinity Philippines is an e-commerce website that’s part of a global chain of online shopping companies of the same name headed and founded by Filipino entrepreneur Gerard Panganiban.


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