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Life’s complicated enough, and you deserve quality products, reliable merchants, and outstanding customer service.

For easy-breezy shopping for all your household, fashion, personal care needs and a whole lot more… shop with us at Giftinity Philippines.

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More about Giftinity Philippines

What is Giftinity all about?

Giftinity is an e-commerce platform which aims to deliver quality and premium products at reasonable prices.

Our mother company is Graphyte Technologies LLC, a US-based technology company that has developed several e-commerce online selling platforms featuring a wide range of products.

These include The Positivity Shop, the Giftinity app and Giftinity Philippines.

Who is the Giftinity customer? Giftinity aims to make a lasting mark on the online shopping-loving Asia-Pacific market, with the Philippine site as our first in the region. We’ll be launching more Giftinity online stores in India, Thailand, and Vietnam very soon and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region in 2021.

What makes Giftinity different?

We’re committed to delivering high-quality, premium products to our customers at pocket-friendly prices, and topnotch customer service.